Through all the thick storms and waves we the contestants of ‘The portrait’ still came out successful because we made our minds and hearts ready to learn and make things happen.

The Exquisite Modelling Empire is one of the finest and growing Modelling Empire in Ghana West Africa.

That has great models and visionary leaders in making it outstanding in all its works.

During the latter part of the year 2017, it came up with a photo challenge called THE PORTRAIT with 14 contestants with the sole aim of making them fit for any kind of shoot.

But in the long run, we were left with 5 contestants

  • Daly
  • Prince
  • Elparn
  • Nii
  • Jonas

The competition ended up on a runway dubbed THE EXQUISITE RUNWAY

which featured the 5 finalist of the portrait and some friends of the Agency whom the CEO MR JAYSON PETER SARPONG called on to help grace the Runway.

☝️The king himself Jayson Jay ℒ️

It was a night of great style and runway beats that the super models exhibited.

The Portrait cycle one

Event coordinated by

  • Curtis Paa
  • Benson Bekoe
    • our guest were great and adorable

      we got great designers who also featured on the finale.

      St Charles Clothing

      Dek’s Couture

      Liankah Klodin

      September by AwulaNaa

      U_trust Klothing

      Keteke The fashion

      Wear Zucchini

      Mackieyo’s Klothing

      Bellkay Gh

      Enkawm Clothing

      The kings of the night were awarded per the views of the panels and the great work done within the days of hard work on the streets of Accra and beyond

      From the extreme left Elparn Essuman 2nd Runner up,the winner of the night Daly Ababio and the far right Prince.

      “The Greatness of man is induced in the peace made with men and the heart of appreciation shown regardless of what trigs in their way of life”.



      From Ghana πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­to the world 🌍.



      As per the Lanes, the persona Elparn writes. 

      It has got so many things to let the human race know and understand that πŸ’‘ the thing πŸ’‘ that rules the 🌍 has power over everything.(the Great IAM) 

      As per humanity, they set time for things in their life to be beneficial to them and sometimes to be  globally accepted.

      There are set times by the Creator, the persona writes to cause a shift in the human race.

      But as per the agreement of the human to what the creator says because people have got different perspective that they view things from. 

                  Life is bridged 

      Life people say “is a veil of tears”

      The human mind had its own way of describing issues 

      But what we have to know is that everything that our mind pictures, it processes it. 

       We have known over time”what cometh out defiles the human race than what goeth inside ”

      Defilement if broken can be taken into deeper instincts as per how it defiles you

      Positively or Negatively

      The persona writes, The Creator has Power to Over rule The Creatures but because of His sovereignty He leaves it on our care to let our words make it work. 

      The persona writes TO THE BOARDS

      #elparn #elohim #help #rule #rise #reign #mysticmessenger #mysterybox #deeper #instincts #IAM #iamlimitless #iamwhatGodsays #regardless #ends #me



      Everyone has got a lane in life, therefore until you address the things in your lane in a way your heart feels, Β people will call it the way they want.

      “until you name a product, everyone chooses to calll it the way he/she ought”

      Everything that happens in your lane sorely depends on you.

      In your lane, you have got people who will stand by you regardless of the storm that rises.

      Others will always benefits from you and when crisis shows up, they leave you alone to suffer .

      the Β persona writes”Don’t get everyone to like you in your lane because whatever happens in your lane is sorely determined by you and your lane is yours not theirs “.

      βž• In the end of all that happens in your lane, the only assurance to hold fast to is the Creator of the Universe because he determines what happens to us. βž•

      Vision πŸ’‘ 105192119 πŸ’‘

      The style/fashion blogger with a unique mechanism

      β˜€ The Maker β˜€

      πŸ”† ELPARN ESSUMAN πŸ”†


      Life has a lovely way of making everything work in its time .

      In all these, the creator of the universe holds the final say and the πŸ”‘ to πŸ”“ every πŸšͺ .

      Birthed with a mystic code unscripted on my forehead (I’m EZEKIEL) 

      Doing great and mighty things at all my endeavors 

      Vision 105192119

      Even if my life is to be sacrificed 

      • blogging 
      • fashion with mystic ideas /codes  from the mystic messenger Elparn 

      Pair of πŸ‘– styled by MYSELF



      Life has a funny way of making things work out for your good 

      But you the person in action must believe even if nothing seems to work 

      The ant wises up because it has got it lane of life, so has every human being got 

      Wise up because you have got a LANE 

      Even in your tattered situations of life, always know you have got some Stars 🌟 in you that no one can eject from you 

      Never go aday without a precious smile on your face because it will heal your wounds and give you rest 


      Vision πŸ’‘ 105192119 πŸ’‘ 

      The Making β˜€Β 

      Sometimes it trigs me the essence of our day to day collages of life, I do wonder why so many paintings  are done to bring out a unique image in the finishing of a Particular work 

      The ideas that furnishes an artefact holds many potentials in The making of that but only the IDEAS with purpose enjoy it fruit.. 

      The Making β˜€ is a gradual process of life and it needs Patience and Obedience to make it happen 

      All Black Β  Β 

      Till when I was inspired by my finest fashion blogger who is actually a brother to me not even by blood but by relation from creation.. 

      *Black Asos sunglasses and jacket 

      *Black turtle neck

      *A DIY black trouser 

      *old ragged wooden cross.. 
      My love for this outfit is wow ..


      AFP shorts by elparn,wooden cross white T-shirt with an Asos sunglasses..

      Till when I did my first shoot with this outfit at OSU when I went to town with my finest fashion blogger who is training me to be more like him.. IMG_20170209_065827_775 the feeling for the first time wasn’t that easy but pick up quickly because I’ve made my mind to let it work.. IMG_20170224_215301_630